How long should I allow for my visit?
The 60-acre site is spread out with four exhibit buildings. Allow about three hours if you wish to ride the train and see all exhibits; about two hours with no train ride. Touring the Roundhouse alone takes about 45 minutes to an hour; the Back Shop takes 30 minutes, and our Bumper to Bumper exhibit and Wagons, Wheels, and Wings exhibit area take 20-25 minutes each.
Are there vending/dining facilities on-site?
Drink vending machines are available at Barber Junction Visitor Center. Snack and drink machines are available at the Bob Julian Roundhouse and at the Gift Station. Drinking fountains are available at Barber Junction, in the Gift Station, and in the Roundhouse..
How much does the museum cost?
Museum admission is $6 for Adults, $5 for Seniors and Active Military and $4 for children 3-12.  When trains are running, train ride and admission combination tickets are $12 for Adults, $10 for Seniors and Active Military and $8 for children 3-12.  
Can I get to the museum using Amtrak?
Yes. The Salisbury Amtrak passenger station, located just a few miles from the museum, is a stop on Amtrak's Carolinian/Piedmont and Crescent routes. For more information on schedules and fares, visit www.amtrak.com.
From the Depot, the following transportation options are available to bring you to the museum:

- Salisbury Transit, 704.638.5252 or 704.638.5253
- Salisbury-Spencer Trolley Works, 704.638.3100
- Safety Taxi, 704.633.7217
- Latino Express Taxi, 704.855.5566
Is the museum handicapped-accessible?
The North Carolina Transportation Museum is fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Wherever possible, access to exhibits is facilitated by wheelchair lifts and our friendly staff. Certain exhibits and programs do have limited accessibility due to narrow door openings on railroad passenger cars. For additional details, please contact us.
The site is walking-intensive, but wheelchairs are available on loan, a shuttle bus runs between facilities on weekends, and handicapped persons or those with difficulty walking may drive between facilities. Please contact one of our friendly visitor services staff upon your arrival.
Where does the train go, and how long is the ride?
The train ride is about three miles, and takes about 25 minutes. The train provides a narrated tour of the entire site, allowing a better view of many of our historic buildings than what is available exploring the museum's public areas on foot. It departs from Barber Junction, heading south toward the Back Shop and Roundhouse.  Once the train reaches the southern end of the site, the train will travel in reverse, switching tracks to provide views of historic structures and the town of Spencer.  At the far north end, the train will again switch tracks for the return to Barber Junction Depot.
Why does the train go backward and forward?
The museum was designed initially as a repair facility for trains, not a tourist attraction, so the track was not laid out in a circle. Instead, the track was laid out to bring locomotives in from the main line, repair them, and send them back on their way. With this track layout, the train can't simply "turn around" to go from one end of the site to the other, so the train travels forward to one end and in reverse to the other.

How should I dress?
Keep in mind that the museum is a historic industrial site. The site is expansive and walking-intensive, so you'll want comfortable shoes. Because of its original purpose of maintaining steam locomotives, the Roundhouse is designed with large sections open to the elements, where locomotives entered the building. Thus, those areas of the building cannot be heated or air-conditioned, so please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather.