Adult Group Tours

Rates for Pre-Formed Groups:

(A group must have 15 people to receive reduced fares.  Group visits may not be available during special event days.)

Reduced Admission Rates are available for groups.  Contact the museum
for more information on admission and on-site train ride at 704-636-2889.

Contact Terri Brown for group reservation requests and scheduling at 704-636-2889 ext. 270 or email

Guided Tours

Guided tours encompass three exhibit areas and take 90 minutes for adult groups.

Self-Guided Tours

We encourage groups to take advantage of our guided tour options, but if you would prefer a self-guided tour, you may use our group reservation form to tell us which exhibits and activities you would like to see and participate in during your visit. We'll schedule those activities along with our guided tour so that exhibit areas and facilities are not crowded with multiple groups. When planning your tour, allow the following amounts of time for each exhibit/activity:
  • Check-in/restroom break at Barber Junction Visitor Center, 15 minutes
  • Train Ride (departs from Barber Junction), 30 minutes
  • Gift Station, 30 minutes
  • Bumper to Bumper automobile exhibit, 15 minutes
  • Roundhouse railroad exhibit, 30-50 minutes
  • Roundhouse site history video, 15 minutes
  • Lunch/snacks at picnic shelters, 30-45 minutes
The museum is a walking-intensive site. If your group's members are elderly, have difficulty getting around, or any other special needs, please contact the museum in advance to arrange for assistance.

Special Tour Packages

The Rowan Convention and Visitors Bureau can arrange tour packages for groups that include tours of the museum, other museums and attractions in Rowan County, and lunch. For information, call 1.800.332.2343.