Bumper to Bumper/Flue Shop

This exhibit shows the effect automobiles have made on lifestyles of North Carolinians from the turn of the 20th century until today.  The automobile has changed the way we socialize, our family structure, and even our careers.

THE FLUE SHOP - This building was used for the repair of flues, pipes that ran through steam locomotive boilers. In the 1950s the building was converted to the electrical shop. The floor is made of wooden blocks to absorb oil and grease plus they were forgiving when tools or locomotive parts were dropped and were easier on worker’s feet. The blocks were used in buildings throughout the site.

BUMPER TO BUMPER - The building now houses the Bumper to Bumper exhibit, an impressive collection of antique automobiles ranging from a 1901 White Steam Stanhope to a 1978 Plymouth N.C. Highway Patrol car. It traces the evolution of the automobile in North Carolina from tiny buggy-type vehicles to sleek 1940s roadsters and modern cars.

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